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Membership in the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) is an investment in your community.

For over 100 years, the Association has been a vital force in making Richmond Beach a dynamic place to live. As a voting and active Member of the Association, you can be a part of shaping Richmond Beach into an ever-greater place to live, work and play. Please consider joining today.

Be more than a resident or an address. Support your neighborhood association!

Who can become a member?

Anybody who cares about the community, is of legal voting age and who subscribes to the purposes, values and interests of the Association is welcome to become a member, but only members who reside in Richmond Beach (see map) have voting rights.

Dues are $20 per person, per year.

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Please add my email to the email newsletter to receive information regarding upcoming community events and meetings.
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Why should I become a member?

You are showing your support for your community and helping to keep active the longest standing community organization in Shoreline.

You can vote for board members and influence the direction and nature of the Association.

You can run for a Board position and become a key part of making our community a great place to live.

Your dues are essential. They directly support the Association and its many activities:

  • Our award winning neighborhood newspaper.
  • Our awesome annual events.
  • Projects to enhance the neighborhood quality of life.
  • Our Executive Director’s part-time salary. We would not be able to produce all our many wonderful events without the tireless efforts of our skilled, energetic and paid Executive Director.

How can I join the RBCA?

Purchase or renew your annual membership online using the entry form above.

Send us your check along with the paper membership form you can download here.

Membership forms are available at RBCA community meetings and many of our sponsored events.

Contact RBCA Membership Chairs Anne Heron and Karen Marshall at

When are my membership dues due for renewal?

Your membership is good for one year and is due for renewal in the month you joined RBCA or rejoined after a lapse.

Click here to send an email to request your current membership status.

Will I receive a reminder that my dues are due?

If we have your current email address, a notice will be emailed to you.

If not, a paper membership renewal form pre-printed with your information and a return envelope will be mailed to you before your membership expires.

How can I find out if my membership is due for renewal?

Membership renewal requests are sent out approximately one month prior to expiration.

You can also click here to send an email to request your current membership status.

If you have questions, please email RBCA Membership Chairs Anne Heron and Karen Marshall at

How do I renew my membership?

If you received an email renewal reminder, you can just click on the link in the email message to go to our membership page.

If you received a membership renewal form pre-printed with your information and a return envelope in the mail, simply correct any errors or old information on the form and mail it to us with your check.

You may renew using the entry form above. Just check the renewal box at the bottom left of the form.

If you renew in advance, your membership will cover the next full 12 months from the month your renewal is due.

I automatically pay my membership dues on an annual subscription. How can I cancel?

Log on to your PayPal account. Under Settings, select Payment Settings, then Preapproved Payments, and edit your change.

If you don't have a PayPal account, please contact the RBCA Membership Chairs Anne Heron and Karen Marshall, at

What other sources of income does RBCA have besides my dues?

Additional income is raised from newspaper advertising, event sponsorships, grants and donations.

I pay my dues each year, so why does my Richmond Beach Community News come addressed to "resident"?

The Richmond Beach Community News (RBCN) must be mailed to all residents of Richmond Beach to ensure our advertisers receive the widest possible coverage for their ads. To save money, the RBCA uses a mailing service and a bulk mail permit to mail the RBCN. It would be too costly in time and postage to mail the RBCN to each member individually by name.

Why don't I receive my copy of the Richmond Beach Community News in the mail?

If you are a member and do not already receive a paper copy of the Richmond Beach Community News by mail, please email Anne Heron and Karen Marshall, RBCA Membership Chairs, at You may also read a digital copy of the Richmond Beach Community News online.

For more information, contact Karen Marshall, RBCA Membership Chair, at


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