Beach Orcas

Orca Migration - the Orcas Return!

The Beach Orcas are returning from their winter resting grounds.

From late spring to fall, mini-pods of Beach Orcas are located at the Richmond Beach parks:

Click here for a PDF guide to where to find their pods.

Introduction to Our Beach Orcas Art Project

For over a century, the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) has been a vital force in maintaining our neighborhood’s quality of life by bringing neighbors together at events, keeping them informed and facilitating neighborhood enhancements.

One of the most recent community enhancements is the debut of the RBCA Beach Orcas art project.

The Big Question?

It all started with a simple question. In the spring of 2016, the RBCA Board spent a lot of time at Board meetings discussing the question, “How can RBCA express our deep appreciation to the entire Richmond Beach community for all they do to help make Richmond Beach a thriving, vibrant neighborhood?”

When we started brainstorming possible answers to our question, we obviously didn’t know where it would lead us. We knew we wanted the RBCA tribute to the community to be something tangible, lasting, public and first-class. We knew we wanted something that would help us as a community distinguish ourselves with our own unique neighborhood brand or identity. We just weren’t sure what the answer would be.

The Question Answered!

Fiberglass blank for Orcas on Parade

Eventually, our early brainstorms coalesced into something concrete. In September 2016, the RBCA Board voted unanimously to launch a Richmond Beach Public Art project called Beach Orcas on Parade. Ultimately the answer took shape in the form of 22 artist-embellished Beach Orcas to be on display in prominent outdoor locations throughout our community.

We issued a Call for Artists and received over 65 proposals by very talented artists. A peer jury selected 22 art pieces for entry in our exhibit. Selected artists spent about eight weeks embellishing what is referred to in the trade as a blank. For our project, the blank (see photo above) was a hollow ABS plastic whale, weighing in at about 5 lbs. and standing 23” tall and 43” wide.

Building Community Together

As the artists began preparing their art pieces, the Richmond Beach community began their own preparations. Community businesses enthusiastically volunteered to help. Gorgeous Gardens business owner and Richmond Beach resident Tom LaFreniere helped build community when his crew literally broke ground on the project. Tom donated the services of his company’s three-person crew (plus Tom) to construct 21 below-ground assembly mounts for the orca stands. They hauled, mixed and poured over a ton of concrete. They drilled more than 60 feet of holes and took away all of the fill dirt. All of this in the spirit of community building and at their expense.

Another community business, Shoreline Maaco Auto Painting, donated their services to apply an expensive auto-quality clear coat spray to all of the orca art pieces. Plus, owner Jon Veenendaal generously agreed to paint the orca stands for RBCA. All of this on his tab.

And, of course, there was community building by community members. Don Rothwell played a pivotal role in translating the idea of Beach Orcas to reality. He grabbed ahold of the concept and ran with it all of the way to finish line. Don designed the model orca, fabricated the plastic molds and engineered the construction of the orca stands. Without his leadership, the project could not have happened. Neighbor and architect Chakorn Phisuthikul crafted the architectural drawings required for the orca stands. Other community members contributed to transport orcas, plan the community artist reception and erect the orcas on their stands. Not surprisingly, friends from other neighborhoods volunteered to help. Pete Gerhard, Chair of the Richmond Highlands Neighborhood Association, spent several hours in the dirt helping to remove the temporary supports for the orca stands. Innis Arden community member Laura Taylor volunteered, on short notice, to brave wind and rain to help with placement.

Throughout this initiative, the City of Shoreline was incredibly encouraging and supportive. Shoreline Public Art Coordinator David Francis and Shoreline Neighborhoods Coordinator Constance Perenyi served as liaisons in the City’s contribution to this project.

The Gift Unwrapped

Orcas on Parade

The coming out party for the 22 Beach Orcas happened on April 27th, 2017, at Shoreline City Hall. The RBCA Board, in cooperation with the City of Shoreline, hosted a reception to honor all of the Beach Orca artists. Over 150 individuals gathered to view the Beach Orcas, up close and personal, plus meet the artists.

It was a delightful evening of art, music, and camaraderie with neighbors and local artists.

Strawberry Festival

Our Beach Orcas proudly presented themselves in all their splendor to the crowds at the Richmond Beach Strawberry Festival on May 13, 2017. For five hours, community members praised the exhibit. In fact over 550 people, children and adults, cast their ballots for their favorites. The most familiar exclaim from Festival participants was, “No fair! I have too many favorites and I have to just choose one!” In fact, every Beach Orca received votes for the most favorite art piece.

Final landing: Atop their perches

A week after the Strawberry Festival, Richmond Beach volunteers began installation of each Orca on top of their very own perch. Beach Orcas ar now on display in locations throughout Richmond Beach.

A Guide to the Beach Orcas of Richmond Beach

Click here for a PDF guide to where to find their pods.

From late spring to fall, mini-pods of Beach Orcas are located at the Richmond Beach parks:

  • Richmond Beach Library Park: 19601 21st Avenue NW
  • Kruckeberg Botanic Garden: 20312 15th Avenue NW

Mini-pods of Beach Orcas are also located along the Richmond Beach Road corridor:

  • In the public space between Meadowbrook Gardens Apartments and Spin Alley
  • 1820 NW 195th St
  • Wonderland Development Center on the corner of NW 195th Place and NW 196th Street
  • At the community welcome sign on Richmond Beach Road

Go forth and enjoy!

The Richmond Beach Community Association proudly dedicates the Beach Orcas art to all who have made Richmond Beach such a special place to live for over a century.

So, go forth and enjoy!

Thank you Richmond Beach community,
RBCA Board of Directors

Beach Orcas Missing
Beach Orcas on Parade

Beach Orcas on Parade

Slideshow photos by Wayne Pridemore

Beach Orcas

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