Building Community Together

Our vibrant community life, rich friendships and spirit of service make our neighborhood truly special. Volunteering with the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) enriches lives and is an ideal way to meet people and have FUN! Whether you have a few hours or many to donate, your time makes a difference.

To have your name added to our volunteer list:

Complete and submit the volunteer sign up. Read through the list below to determine what skills or interests you may possess that would be valuable to RBCA. List these in the “note” section of the form or feel free to leave it blank. RBCA will contact you when needs arise.

  • I’m great at envisioning and planning.
  • I’m good at recruiting and getting others involved.
  • I love to plan/organize.
  • I enjoy working with and meeting new people.
  • I’m great at managing people.
  • I’m a worker bee and prefer to work behind the scenes.
  • I’m a great writer and have good communication skills.
  • I have experience in marketing/outreach/fundraising.
  • I’m good with numbers and finance.
  • I’ve got great technology skills (computer support, website development, graphic design, videography,etc.)
  • I have experience in purchasing or retail sales.
  • I have a specialized skill I would like to share (electrician, landscaper, photographer, etc.)
  • I own a truck, van or trailer and am willing to help haul.
  • I’m strong and can help with the heavy lifting.
  • I’m your “Girl (or Guy) Friday” and happy to help with mundane tasks.

If you would like to meet with someone from the organization to talk over coffee about how you can join in or, specifically, what is involved in becoming a Board member, contact the RBCA Executive Director at execdirector@richmondbeachwa.org.

Volunteer Form